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Hey! Thanks for being an affiliate for FFNS. You’ll see some tabs to get around below. Most are self explanatory, but you can change/update your PayPal email in the “Settings” Tab.

At the bottom, there are links to the email copy that you can use. Feel free to change it up to reflect your voice/style.


  • Pre Launch Period: TBD
  • Launch Week, Enrollment Open: TBD
  • Enrollment opens at TBD


  • I’ll payout 50%.
  • If the student selects a payment plan, you’ll get installments as well.
  • If a student gets a refund, then I’ll need a refund from you too. Refunds range from 10-20%, but they are lower with affiliates so far.
  • It’s a 100 day cookie so it should be good for the NEXT launch, too!

Pre Launch Stuff

I’ll hold no-pitch webinars for YOUR audience if you like. These webinars seriously boost conversions, and I picked it up from Bryan Harris.

  • It builds trust with me so you’ll convert better when enrollment opens. Topics include
    1. KW Research
    2. Content Plans
    3. The Perfect Amazon Review

I’ll be holding regular weekly webinars anyway so you can promote one of the general ones if you don’t want an exclusive one.

In either case, it’s best to send out an email blast exclusively to your list, and email copy is below.

Launch Week

Ideally, you’ll send out FOUR or five emails, but two or three is fine. More emails mean more conversions…but I respect your decision and your audience.

  1. Pre Launch Email: Webinar Announcement – Send on TBD, 2 days before the webinar. optional.
  2. Launch Announcement Enrollment Opens – Send on Mon, July 10, morning.
  3. Case Study: Already have a site? – Send on Wed, July 12, anytime. optional.
  4. Case Study: TBD – Send on Thu, July 13, anytime. optional.
  5. Enrollment Closes: Send on Fri, July 14, morning.

**Some of the emails are long. Crazy long. You’ll think it’s too long; I thought it was…BUT people read them. Not many, but the buyers read the long emails. So, if you trust me, put in the long email copy and people can read the content when it’s not on a sales page.

EMAILS in Google Docs

The only two required emails are the Enrollment Open & Close. The rest are optional, and the case studies are strong because they provide value even if the person doesn’t buy the course.

If you have any questions, just give me a shout!