Five Figure Niche Site – Create a Five Figure Amazon Affiliate Niche Site


How To Create a Profitable FIVE Figure Niche Site With a Step-By-Step Blueprint

  • Learn how to pick a niche that's profitable & long tail keywords that convert.
  • The factors to analyze the competition - even if you don't have any paid tools.
  • Build backlinks & promote your site so it won't get penalized by Google
  • Follow a proven step-by-step Niche Site system.

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Proof of Revenue

One Niche Site in 2016 & 2017

Chris Colon

"Before I enlisted for Doug's Five Figure Niche course, I had just received my 4th Amazon Associate rejection letter."

It was unbelievably frustrating. No matter what blogs I read or how many times I went through the Amazon trade agreement, there was nothing I could do to satisfy Amazons very selective approval process.

This all changed once I enrolled for Doug's course. The content that was provided was easy to digest and actionable so as soon as I was done with it, I could immediately use what I learned.The best part of the course though wasn't the content itself. It was actually the support that was given to me by Doug himself.

Anytime that I was stuck on a certain aspect of the niche site building process, Doug was only an email away with a great attitude and with the kind of advice that comes from someone with more than a few successful sites under his belt.

Buying this course is the sole reason that I just got approved for the Amazon Associates Program after so many rejections. To Top it off, I Immediately got my first sale by implementing the keyword research skills I learned in the course.

Doug is a patient teacher who will teach you how to build successful sites as long as you are ready to be engaged and put in the work.

- Christian Colon

(Niche Site Entrepreneur & Five Figure Niche Site Student)*

"I got to hand it to Doug, because I can honestly say he was the first guy that I talked to about building niche sites where I followed his advice and it actually worked."

"Before I met Doug Cunnington, I was putting a lot of time into niche sites, but without seeing the results I wanted to see. I was making one site after another, and they all were going nowhere, but I didn’t understand why.

I had my job to keep me going, which was and still is teaching drums/guitar/vocals to all ages, but I really wanted my niche sites to start going somewhere.

I’d put a full year into it (2014-2015) and I figured it was about time I started getting real results.

When I did finally get a chance to have some coaching calls with Doug, things started to change direction for me.

Building niche sites and blogging is something that anyone can do, but if you don’t understand even one small part of the big picture, you can be spinning your wheels forever and I’ve heard of a lot of people just having enough of it and quitting.​

The really great thing about working with Doug is that I was able to ask him anything, and get an answer that made sense.

Some “guru” types make everything sound so easy and kind of gloss over certain parts of the process, leading to a lot of problems and your site just goes off the rails.

The beginning of 2015 was frustrating for me, because I wasn’t earning anything through affiliate income, but I was putting so many hours in that I was beginning to burn out.

That’s when I worked with Doug for the first time.

Now, at the middle of 2016, I’m earning over $4,000 a month on the regular and I gotta say, its pretty darn cool."

- Dave Fox

(Musician and Niche Site Entrepreneur)*

Dave Fox

About Doug Cunnington

Doug Cunnington, PMP, Founder of Niche Site Project.

Doug Cunnington, PMP

Founder of Niche Site Project​

I write about SEO, productivity, project management, and niche sites. My work has been featured all over the web, including Ahrefs, Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits, Side Hustle Nation and more.

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant and a Project Management Professional (PMP, certified in 2008 by the Project Management Institute).

I live in Montana with my amazing wife and awesome Border Collie, Georgie. I enjoy running, hiking, Southern barbecue, and homebrewing beer (of course, when the homebrewing is done I get to enjoy drinking it with friends).