How Unlimited Consulting Works

A few details on how consulting works:

  • You get unlimited niche site consulting via Email.
  • Many times we’ll respond to your questions via Video (sometimes text).
  • Any question you have regarding high-level strategy, brainstorm tactics, link building strategies, or anything in between, we’ll give you an answer.
  • The more specific your questions, the better.
  • To submit your questions you’ll send an email to
  • We’ll respond to all questions in 72 hours (usually much sooner), during the business week.
  • The support team monitors the email account M-F during normal business hours, not including weekends or holidays. Doug monitors 100% of the emails but batches his email replies on Mondays and Thursdays.

A few tips on asking good questions…

As a rule, avoid asking for general “feedback”. Or, “Can you just review my site and let me know what to change?”

You will get some feedback, but it’s tough to give general feedback that’s actionable for you.

Instead, try to ask a very specific question.

A few more details: 

  • This isn’t an opportunity to do your work for you, you’re just getting thoughts and opinions from the Support Team and Doug before you execute.
  • Results will largely depend on your level of execution.
  • This is primarily an opportunity to get a second set of eyes on your idea in a cost-effective way.